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Projects. Mindset. Tech.

Me in a nutshell…

The 9 to 5

Software Projects Director and MAPM in the life sciences business at Waters Corporation. Working hard with a fantastic team. Practising extreme ownership and making our own little dent in the world.


Making the most of the 5am – 7am golden time. Training course creation for Project Management and leadership.

Writing & Social

Author of the book ‘Life Unlocked’ and sharer of free goodness on Medium, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. See Medium link for long form writing. Twitter for the micro.

Recent Projects…

Another Skillshare Class!

Stakeholder Management hints and tips

My new Skillshare class is now live. That’s two in a month! This is my fourth class on Project Management and this one focuses why stakeholders matter in project. Click the link below to see the course and my previous ‘Spinning Plates’ and ‘Growth Mindset’ classes.

Stakeholder Management essentials

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

Robert Byrne