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Matt Corroboy


Hi, I’m Matt Corroboy and this is my little rock in an ocean of electrons.

Full time Software Projects Director at Waters Corporation by day. By night (and also very early mornings), I change my disguise and work on several other projects such as writing (author of the book ‘Life Unlocked’), training (Skillshare PM course) and product creation (Amazon FBA).

In between this I’m also a husband and father to two amazing kids, that, as well as enlightening me, are also the single biggest cause of any cortisol issues that I may have.

Do one thing every day that scares you

Eleanor Rosevelt

Where else to find me?

🐦 Twitter: Am spending more time here again after many dormant years. Enjoying re-embracing the community and biting my nails in the Crypto world

📸 Instagram: Follow me to see the more mundane day-to-day background stuff that I get up to but also with the odd quote of goodness thrown in!

🖇 LinkedIn: Not all-in but will post occasionally!

A few Skillshare Classes

Spinning Plates: A day in the life of a Project Manager, Growth Mindset for Project Management Professionals, Stakeholder Management and Tips and Tricks for the non-Project Manager.

All multi-video classes are now available on Skillshare. Please use the link below as I talk through a day in the life of a Project Manager. The latest classes cover the importance of having a growth mindset as a PM, Stakeholder Management concepts and some of the basics of being a Project Manager.

Amazon Product Sales

For the past couple of years I have been building up a passive income stream on Amazon FBA. Mainly selling self-developed products but enjoying the creation process.

New products always in the works! Check out the link to the Products page below. Main instagram account of @zombie.grip to follow here.

The Life Unlocked Project

Working on a single place for all personal, work and tech advice to get the most out of life.

Check out the Life Unlocked site for links to YouTube channels and other social accounts.

‘Life Unlocked’ Book

Eight short chapters to kick-start your life, career, mind and health.

Life Unlocked is the ultimate life primer book for those wanting more from their life. The top 1% is not some mythical land. It’s within everyone’s reach. This book aims to take you there.

Life Unlocked is constructed of eight chapters that have been written to quickly educate in the basics. To either be consumed swiftly in a couple of hours, or each chapter taken and applied in turn. The eight chapters cover areas that can give most “bang for the buck” value – such as having a growth mindset, personal finance, mental and fitness health, winning at work and a little bit about life itself!

Get in touch

If you’ve got a short question or message then please DM me on either Twitter 🐦 (@mattcorroboy) or Instagram 📸 (@mattcorroboy)